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Mary Derrick 

I paint using oils as I love their flexibility and the depth that I can achieve using them, and yet still paint starkly in order to clearly impress the emotions of the piece through the use of colour, texture, composition and movement.  While my paintings use representations of nature, they have really nothing to do with nature, or a specific place, and everything to do with emotions, with finding that haven where one can find the solitude, that place, to just be.  To feel free to express the myriad of emotions we face and to let them take shape, sometimes calm and peaceful and even serene, sometimes filled with awe and reverence, and then other times with confusion, angst or rage.   We are human, we feel the full gamut, and in being drawn to a painting can revel in these emotions in our own private solitude, and travel our own private journey.    When I start a painting I have no pre-conceived idea of what it will be, I let the canvas and the emotions running through me evolve onto the canvas, each canvas becomes its own journey of discovery for me, and I hope for you the viewer.

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Karen Richardson

Professional Fine Artist, Watercolour Instructor and Author, with an art studio in Lindsay.



Lisa hart

Along with local photography competitions and works hung in her hometown art gallery Lisa provides some of her own supporting photos for online and print children’s articles. Her photos appear over several years in Cat Nap Desk Calendars as well as the 2015 Bad Cat Desk and Wall Calendar.



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Carol Jones

I was born and raised in England and having an affinity to animals from a very early age, sketching and painting them seemed a natural progression to expressing my admiration of the animal world around me. It has only been in the last few years that I have found the time needed to take my painting further.

Never having a formal education in art; most of what I’ve learnt has been by trial and error, (you seem to learn those lessons well!) Then I discovered painting on feathers and after making a mess of a few perfectly good ones, finally found a way to treat the feathers so they would take the acrylic paint.

Since then this has been my newfound art form and I’m  hooked!

Though still painting animals in the traditional manner, it’s always good to get back to my feathers.

I like to use turkey tail feathers because they’re wide and a lot of detail can be added them. As to my supply, it seems I have gathered a team of friends who are always bringing me feathers of all description!

These paintings are unique one of a kind originals. Painted in acrylic on legal domestic and game bird feathers in a realistic wildlife design.

The feathers I use for painting have either been molted or were birds used for consumption, I do not support taking feathers for the sole interest of marketing.

I’m happy to say some of my paintings have found their way to other counties, such as Germany, England, Australia, to name a few.

I hope you enjoy my paintings and please feel free to call or email, I would appreciate your feedback, ( I also accept special orders .)       

Phone: (705) 879-4223  Email:  Website:

Amy Hein

Amy Hein is an artist and art instructor from Omemee and the City of Kawartha Lakes Ontario. She Currently lives in Calgary Alberta and attends the Alberta College of Art and Design where she will finish her Bachelor of Arts in 2018. She does everything from pet portraits to large scale abstract drawings and mostly specializes in graphite, watercolour and most recently handmade abstract natural dyes. Amy also teaches private art lessons to kids ages 6-14 in the Kawarthas (when she is home visiting family) and in Calgary. She loves teaching art to kids and seeing the potential of talented young artists! Although Amy has ran art classes in the past, and doesn’t at the moment, she strives to be running kids art classes full time after her Degree and plans to land art exhibitions of her work in the near future!

Phone: (705) 313-4801  Email:  Website: