Artist Spotlight

Markus Leydolt

Though he was born in the States, Markus is a true Canadian Artist through and through, residing outside of Fenelon Falls surrounded by beautiful landscapes, serene nature, and an assortment of wildlife that comes right up to his backyard. His passion and talent for art was evident as early as age 3 while playing with simple tempera paints exhibiting a budding sense of depth and colour. While his medium of choice is acrylic for its forgiving nature, Markus continues working with a variety of other mediums including pastels, pencil, watercolour and pen & ink. Most recently he has begun experimenting in oil paints.
Primarily a self-taught artist, Markus has received visual art teachings from local artists and his teachers throughout his academic life, eventually graduating from the traditional (hand-drawn) animation program of Algonquin College in Ottawa. Interesting enough his artistic talent was so advanced he was granted the opportunity to study grade 9 art while still in grade 8.
The inspirations and ideas that drive Markus come from a variety of different perspectives and sources, including movies, video games, politics and wildlife. One influential source of inspiration that shapes his style of sketching and painting is the work of Robert Bateman. Often times Markus works from photos (some he takes himself, others he finds) but he will also work from what he sees in his head—no reference of any kind.
Markus has already generated a fair amount of success through his website, commissions, group shows/exhibits, and a solo exhibit at the Art on Kent Gallery in the summer of 2017. Markus continues to pursue success in the arts while currently employed as a cake decorator. As of November of this year 3 of his artworks are hanging at the Art gallery in the Distillery District of Toronto for their Christmas show.
From his own experiences, Markus offers some words of wisdom to the youth and beginners in the world of art: don’t try to copy exactly someone else’s style. Go and find your own style by trying as many different mediums and subjects as possible in order to discover your strengths and your likes. He also emphasizes to stop drawing Anime & Manga because it is a flat and unconvincing art style. It doesn’t teach one how to think and draw in 3 dimensions.