Maurice Roberts

The Kawartha Gallery is having their very first LIVE AUCTION! All of the work is done by Maurice Roberts, painted between the years of 1945 and 1965 of the landscapes of southern Ontario, the work of Maurice Roberts captivates its observers with a view, both rural and urban, of what these locations looked like in the past.

All the proceeds from the auction will assist the Gallery in continuing to move forward and work to promote the development of the cultural sector within our community.
Best of all, when you participate in our auction, you purchase a piece of the heritage of our Ontario.
In the fall of 2018, Hudson Leavens, a relative of Maurice Roberts contacted the Gallery regarding making a donation for fundraising purposes of several pieces of his Uncle Maurice’s art work.
In December of 2018 Wayne Robinson donated 40 pieces of the Maurice Roberts artwork to be sold for fundraising purposes to benefit the Gallery.
Kawartha Art Gallery remains eternally grateful to the generosity of both Wayne Robinson and Hudson Leavens for creating this fundraising opportunity for the Gallery.

Click on the website below to check out his work and claim a beautiful piece for yourself!:

Note: When wanting to bid on a piece, you must first create a free account on the auction site, so that you can interact with not only this auction, but future auctions as well.