Julia’s Jewels

Julia Cossarin is a Grade 10 student from the City of Kawartha Lakes. She loves being creative with arts and crafts and has always been taken with jewellery and gemstones. She attended her first jewellery making class only a few years ago and enjoyed it to the extent that she knew right away she wanted to continue. Prompted with an opportunity presented by the Kawartha Art Gallery, Julia is selling her unique handmade jewellery for the very first time. She is now inspired to start selling so that others can enjoy wearing them as much as she enjoys making them!

Most of the stones Julia uses are ones that she has acquired over time from different shops on her travels, however some are ones that she found herself. For example, a couple of her pendants are from a sodalite mine in Bancroft. Julia uses a variety of wire including silver plated, brass, antique brass, gold colour and copper. Each chain is carefully handcrafted by Julia herself.

Julia is planning to pursue her passion and take more techniques to improve further on her jewellery making, and she is even considering a career in geology or gemology.

If you have a special rock or gem that you would like made into a pendant, Julia can do a custom order.

Contact her at: 210386@tldsb.me

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Shell Necklaces

Gemstone Necklaces

Necklace/Bracelet Sets