Past Exhibitions


January 12 to January 27, 2018

An exhibit Featuring the talents of the I.E. Weldon, I.B. Art Students

Artists Talk and Reception:

Saturday, January 13, 2018 from 2 pm to 4 pm at the Gallery.


October 17 to November 18

Norval, Christian & Kyle Morrisseau

A grandfather A father and son exhibit.

Showcasing their shared talent passed through generations.


August 29 to October 14

Huw Morgan went to art school to learn how to be a better photographer. On the way, he discovered his inner environmentalist. In his latest work, Huw documents mankind’s adversarial relationship with nature and how our destructive attempts to tame and organize nature are doomed to eventually fail.

Huw was born in Wales, United Kingdom, and emigrated to Canada when he was 10 years old. He went to the University of Toronto, graduating in mathematics and received his MBA from York University. Huw recently received a Certificate in photo arts from the Haliburton School of the Arts, part of Fleming College. He has been fortunate to have had three parallel careers: as an Information Technology professional, a musician and a photographer. As a musician, he has been a drummer and lead singer of several Canadian rock bands as well as a classically trained tenor who has sung with Canadian opera companies and oratorio choirs.

Artist’s Statement

Traces of Civilization is concerned with the ongoing battle between mankind and nature.

Mankind wages a constant war to tame nature. We organize the countryside into rectangular fields with one type of crop in each one. We selectively breed plants and animals to our taste and have recently started to genetically engineer crops. In our cities and towns, we pave over nature, build our brick and concrete structures and then re-plant lawns and flowers to suit our rational plan. We call this process civilization.

And yet, we see evident that nature seeks to balance order with chaos. Whenever mankind abandons an area or structure for even a short period of time, nature returns rapidly and completely. The fecundity of nature quickly overcomes the makings of man. Trees grow up through concrete and stone, walls collapse, variety proliferates.

In the Traces of Civilization project, I seek to capture the borderline between man and nature, where the conflict is most visible. This work focuses on areas where nature is winning the war and traces of civilization are slowly vanishing.  The project focuses on photographs of rural Ontario where industrial farming in the south has made the family farming uneconomic. It also focuses on industries that once flourished, but were undermined by newer technologies as well as cultural artefacts, like churches, that have been replaced in the age of social media.

The images examine human artefacts that document the traces of former human structures, some decayed and some preserved, to show how quickly nature reclaims our efforts and to pose questions around why we choose to preserve some traces and not others. It also raises questions about how we, as individuals, can change civilization to be more sustainable and at harmony with nature.

Best regards,

Huw Morgan


August 1 to August 26

An exhibit of a Selection of the Permanent Collection. This collection belongs to the citizens of the Kawartha Lakes.



June 6 to July 29

Artists in Ontario ages 18 years and older, this exhibit showcased the wealth of talent within the Kawartha Lakes and beyond.

Awards Presentation Reception:

Saturday, June 24th. Lindsay Golf & Country Club


February 14 to April 1

A celebration of the talents of local high school students.

Awards Reception:

Saturday, March 25/2017. Lindsay Golf & Country Club

Ken Prescott

April 4 to May 27

An exhibit of collages, with all the tangible textural qualities is the artist’s chosen medium as he builds elements that create sensuous interplay of form and colour.




Artist Talk & Reception:

Thursday, April 20/2017. Kawartha Art Gallery

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